Cartrack Swaziland’s service offering is not only confined to theft prevention, but extends to the management of vehicle fleets through precise and innovative telematics.

Cartrack’s fleet management system is equipped with features to monitor driving behaviour statistics such as fuel consumption, average speed, drive time and driving style. This ground-breaking technology has proved to be invaluable for logistics managers, transport owners and fleet managers, as it has assisted them to significantly reduce maintenance costs in their fleet.

They are also able to place restrictions on the number of hours that drivers are allowed to work in a given day, thereby reducing the chance of fatigue-related accidents occurring. This system also enhances the punctuality of service delivery for customers as fleet managers are able to accurately calculate the arrival time of their fleet and alert customers, thus ensuring a smooth operation and preventing delays and inconveniences.

Transport operators can also use the system to calculate trips made by their vehicles from point A to point B, thereby giving them a clear picture of how busy their fleet is every day.