Through dedicated GPS monitoring, you will always be aware of your fleet’s activity. In real-time, you can accurately locate all the vehicles in your fleet on our web-based street-level map. You can use your PC or smartphone to monitor your fleet, and no additional software is required.


You can analyse your fleet’s history in detail and with a high degree of accuracy, with this service available at your fingertips.


You can specify many and various events that will send you alerts in real-time, informing you of abnormal or improper use of vehicles.

Recovery of Stolen Vehicles

Cartrack’s emergency control room and dedicated stolen vehicle recovery team are available 24/7 to help ensure your motor vehicles are safeguarded against theft.

  • Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Alerts
  • Vehicle Recovery



Cartrack’s online software platform gives you access to the monitoring systems of all your vehicles in real time, 24 hours a day on any platform (computer, tablet or smartphone).

You can locate all vehicles in a fleet at any time, while simultaneously receiving fundamental data that will enable you to implement more efficient and effective management.

The real-time fleet management area on the map allows users to perform various actions, such as knowing the status and current location of the fleet’s vehicles.


Improve driver performance by receiving information relating to speeding, idling, vehicle ignition state, temperatures and Revs Per Minute (RPMs).


Create defined borders or authorised areas of action in which vehicles can travel to and from.


Through careful pre-planning, you can optimise the routes that your vehicles travel on.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

You can monitor and track the recovery of stolen vehicles in real time.


Access maps from around the world to locate points of interest.

Fuel Card

Cartrack integrates information regarding the use of fuel supply cards from any company in its registration and cost control system and confirms the location of the refuel.


The defined and specific nature of fleet reports enables you to better understand and analyse the history of your fleet, which subsequently helps you to optimise your vehicles’ operations and facilitates the identification of areas that require improvement.

These reports are ideal for companies that require a substantial amount of information related to costs and productivity.

Speed Report

Speed reports indicating dates and / or trips enables the implementation of fuel and maintenance reduction measures. Plus, road safety is enhanced, thereby reducing accidents.

History Conductor

The data related to the main operations performed are recorded in case they are needed for validation at a later stage.


Reducing or eliminating excessive idling leads to significant and unexpected fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Fuel Consumption Report

The fuel consumption report allows you to control your spending and evaluate the effectiveness of consumption reduction measures.

Fuel Card

Cartrack integrates information regarding the use of fuel supply cards from any company in its registration and cost control system and confirms the location at which the vehicle was refuelled.


You can receive automatic alerts in real-time via SMS and email whenever faults, exceptions or infractions are registered by vehicles, including the entry and exit of geofences, speeding and idling.

These alerts are customisable and can be defined and adapted according to the needs of your company. Once these alerts are configured, you can take immediate action whenever anomalies in daily vehicle activity occur.


Cartrack help you to improve driver performance, thereby reducing wasted costs.

You will receive alerts relating to speeding, idling, vehicle ignition state, temperatures and Revs Per Minute (RPMs).


Save on fuel and maintenance costs by reducing or eliminating excessive idling.


Create defined borders or authorised areas in which vehicles can travel to and from.


Receive fuel theft alerts and warnings whenever fuel cards are being misused or abused.

Car theft

Enjoy instant access to your vehicle’s status with real-time car theft alerts.

Recovery of Stolen Vehicles

In addition to real-time monitoring, Cartrack has a dedicated team of professionals available 24 hours a day to aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Real-time access to the location of your vehicle also allows the local authorities to quickly intervene and aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles.

Cartrack’s safety and recovery solutions can be installed on any type of vehicle, objects or cargo.

  • You will receive automatic alerts
  • Management of procedures with the authorities is handled by Cartrack
  • A service is available for any type of vehicle or cargo
  • There is a 98% success rate of vehicle recovery
  • 24-hour monitoring room 365 days
  • Real-time location
  • GPS and radio frequency location is enabled

Asset Tracking

You can accurately monitor and track the transport of your vehicles, goods and equipment, thereby ensuring that the management of this process is more transparent and safe.

Power Event Notification

The Cartrack system allows for a remote reading of the charge level of the batteries, thereby enabling more efficient intervention on this equipment and preventing possible vehicle theft.

Unauthorized Driver Alert

Before your vehicle is turned on, a system of prior authorisation signalling alerts you to the possible driving of your vehicle by an unauthorised driver, indicating possible theft.

Panic Button

The panic button, once triggered by the driver of the vehicle, will alert our team to high-risk situations such as carjackings, medical emergencies or other occurrences that should merit quick action.

Remote Immobilization

Should you suspect that your vehicle has been stolen, you can remotely immobilise (stop) the car, thereby ensuring that the recovery of the vehicle will be even swifter and more efficient.


Cartrack measures and informs the level of charge of the battery, launching alerts for sudden losses in the levels of charge that can indicate robbery situations.


Cartrack’s fleet management service includes an integrated set of technological solutions that contributes decisively to improving productivity and reducing costs. A computer platform and a set of real-time reports and alerts ensure that the fleet manager’s level of efficiency and effectiveness is at a premium.


Mi-Fleet is a software that calculates actual vehicle operating costs, with real-time integration of the tracking system. This software integrates with variables such as fuel costs, tolls, maintenance, tyre replacement, taxes and personnel expenses. The fleet manager will know in detail all of the running costs of each of their vehicles while using a monitoring system, including reports, graphs and alerts for specific dates or events.


Cartrack has developed a complete system aimed at reducing fuel expenditure, which is normally the costliest variable in fleet activity.

Consumer Control

Several variables on the road can be better controlled through the implementation of Cartrack’s system, including the control of idling and excessive speeds, the use of eco-driving systems, the prevention of fuel theft and the prevention of fraudulent use of supply cards.

Driver Identification

When requesting a driver’s identification, the Cartrack system fulfils two objectives: it prevents theft and improper use of a vehicle, and it verifies the allocation of human resources and its associated costing system.

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