Industry Leaders in Fleet Management Systems in South Africa

Which is the largest fleet management company with the most impact? 

Well, there are multiple fleet management companies in South Africa, and one of them is Cartrack. Established in 2004, they have perfected the craft over 19 years and to this day, offer innovative fleet solutions and business intelligence for fleet managers. 

The fleet management industry is pretty big. If you are wondering just how big and want some figures, this article will enlighten you. 

Hold onto your seat, we’ve got the insights every fleet manager will want to know.

How big is the fleet management industry in South Africa? 

Fleet management is becoming increasingly important for organisations in a world of changing mobility, and has evolved into a multi-billion-rand industry in South Africa over the years. From an international perspective, South Africa is a relatively mature telematics market than many other countries. 

A leading IoT analyst firm, Berg insight states that the number of active fleet management systems deployed in commercial fleets in SA, reached an estimated R2 million in the fourth quarter of 2021. What’s more? The industry is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 12.6%, this number is predicted to reach R3.6 million by 2026. 

From Berg’s analysis, Africa is a highly diverse geographic region for the fleet management and telematics industry. The South African fleet telematics market is far ahead of the rest of the continent in terms of adoption, while Sub-Saharan Africa is the least developed region. Northern Africa is comparably advanced and well ahead of Sub-Saharan Africa, but is still considerably behind SA. 

Berg Insight ranks Cartrack as one of the largest providers of fleet management solutions in South Africa, so it’s no wonder that Cartrack has one of the biggest subscription bases with over 1.6 million subscribers, and counting. 

Let’s unpack this fast-growing industry in a bit more detail. 

Five reasons why Cartrack are key players in the fleet management industry 

  1. Global experts in fleet management  

    Cartrack is home to fleet management experts, not only in South Africa but also in 23 other countries. It has unparalleled fleet management expertise and telematics technical experience to accommodate all kinds of businesses and has overseen complex fleet management businesses for 19 years. Cartrack has managed diverse fleets and industries including security, mining, agriculture, waste, recycling, construction, oil and gas, transportation and logistics, pharmaceutical, and more. 
  1. Customer-centric approach

    Cartrack strives to meet its client’s fleet requirements, by offering them data insights and capabilities, to help them improve their operations and reduce their fleet costs. Each solution is tailored to meet businesses’ unique set of challenges, using a not one-size fits all approach, which is intricately designed to suit their business model. 
  1. World-class infrastructure 

    The Cartrack platform is supported by state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to provide businesses with industry-leading solutions. It’s certainly capable of managing and supporting small, medium and large fleets from a single vehicle to thousands of specialised and complex fleets.
  1. Cost-effective and streamlined fleet solutions 

    Fleet managers can streamline their operations where all facets of their company operations can be accessed from Cartrack’s platform, eliminating additional time spent on admin, workflow, processes, drastically reducing company costs. This includes insights about driver safety, maintenance, fuel consumption, fleet activity and more. Fleet managers will receive automated reports with all detailed insights, helping them make accurate operational changes and decisions to boost processes, productivity and profit. 
  1. Visionaries in fleet management 

    Cartrack always looks for ways to better understand its customers’ and partners’ needs for smart transportation and to fulfil these requirements through advanced data management and telematics. Its mission is to be a leading provider of on-the-ground operations cloud that maximises the value of data.

Five benefits of using Cartrack’s fleet management system

No matter the size of your fleet, here are some practical examples of how fleet metrics from our platform will help you build your operations and boost your business. 

  1. 24/7 fleet visibility in real-time, anytimeTrack and manage your fleet with live GPS tracking technology and real-time alerts, which will help you monitor the activity of your drivers, vehicles and assets – all viewable on the fleet dashboard. 

    This is a useful feature for any fleet business, especially transportation and logistics companies, where managers will need to know exactly where their vehicles are at all times and can do this by pinpointing the GPS location of their fleet on the map. If your drivers are delayed, you can find out why, and make alternative plans to ensure timely deliveries and transportation of goods. 
  1. Digitise your admin and operations

    Find yourself scrambling to find tasks and have multiple spreadsheets in your business? A software platform will help you organise your tasks and keep everything in one place. Get automated data reports sent straight to your inbox, so you can save time searching for important data and ensure you remain on track with your business tasks and goals. 

    Use a customisable dashboard to monitor the key metrics that matter to your business and get an instant overview of your fleet’s fuel consumption, idle rates, driver safety, fleet running costs, productivity, vehicle usage and more. It also improves communication between drivers and managers. Receive live updates on job progress, view driver statuses and assign jobs in real-time to your nearest available drivers, all from one, easy-to-use app – saving you admin time trying to call and locate your drivers. 
  1. Ensure safe driving and protect your cargo

    Fleet managers often have a fleet with multiple drivers on the road who have to make various deliveries and transport valuable goods, throughout the day. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, drivers will be transporting sensitive medical supplies, and cannot afford any delays.

    Cartrack’s platform can notify fleet managers about driving events such as speeding, harsh braking, cornering and excessive idling, so they can protect their drivers, vehicles and assets. Managers can also equip their fleet with AI-powered cameras that audibly alert drivers in real time when it detects distracted driver behaviour. The AI technology warns drivers when they show signs of fatigue, smoking or yawning, allowing drivers to rectify their behaviour in the moment so they can prevent a collision and remain focused on the task at hand.
  1. Accurately monitor fuel costs and consumption

    Cartrack’s fuel sensor technology monitors fuel consumption levels in your vehicles, to help you identify possible fuel wastage and fuel theft. This is important because fuel is the number one expense for fleet owners, so if there is a sudden spike in fuel consumption, fleet managers should be the first to know so they can correct the issue and save the business money. 

    Cartrack’s platform can help you spot how many litres are used per kilometre and gauge the fuel usage per vehicle. Or find out other reasons, such as poor driving behaviour, inefficient vehicle maintenance or fuel theft. Common types of fuel theft are, siphoning, fuel card fraud and false fuel card transactions. The platform identifies fuel transactions and matches fuel receipts with your vehicle’s advanced telemetry data to identify any possible fuel theft, saving you time, money and fuel. 

  1. Increase fleet longevity with maintenance alerts

    No matter what type of fleet you have, poor vehicle maintenance eats into your business profits, causes unnecessary downtime and leads to an early expiration of your fleet.  Fleet managers need to keep their fleet moving, be it to make deliveries, collect goods, or pick up passengers whatever it is, any fleet has a mission and destination, and any delays can have cost implications. 

    Cartrack’s platform gives you real-time vehicle diagnostic alerts and can let you know if there are any engine faults, worn brake pads, oil and water fluctuations, and more. This helps fleet managers pre-empt which vehicles need servicing and can be used to create effective maintenance plans, and service your vehicles on time, which will increase fleet longevity and reduce your maintenance costs. 

Looking for the right partnership to build and manage your fleet operation?

The good news is that Cartrack is the one-stop shop for fleets around the world, with an industry-leading track record in telematics and the only company with an above 90% stolen vehicle recovery rate. Join the leaders in fleet management positioned to offer quality services to customers around the world.