How Cartrack’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery works with GPS and vehicle tracking

The pleasure of driving can unfortunately be ruined by the fear of being hijacked. Hijacking is a significant crime in many countries across the globe, with South Africa being one of the countries with the highest hijacking rate in the world.

Luckily, vehicle tracking can be used for vehicle safety and stolen vehicle recovery. 

Whether you call it vehicle theft, hijacking, or carjacking, these terms are used to refer to the illegal act of stealing a vehicle. Examples of vehicle theft include breaking entry into an unattended parked vehicle followed by using tampering methods to start the vehicle like hotwiring or simply towing the vehicle. Another form of vehicle theft is forcefully taking a vehicle by threatening the driver and/or passengers out of the vehicle and driving off with the vehicle. In some cases, the driver and/or passengers are held hostage in the vehicle and if lucky, thrown out at a later stage.  

In South Africa, the number of hijacking victims increased from 64 000 in 2020-2021 to 134 000 in 2021-2022. Between April and June 2022 alone, 5,866 hijackings were reported across the country – a 14%increase from the 5,146 hijackings reported over the same period in 2021. 

This year-on-year increase in hijacking reports means that a car is estimated to be stolen every 22 minutesin South Africa. Unfortunately, there is never 100% surety that your vehicle will not be stolen. However, there are ways you can ensure your vehicle is safer and more likely to be recovered if stolen. 

 Let’s find out how Stolen Vehicle Recovery works.  

What is vehicle theft?

What is GPS tracking and how is it used for vehicle recovery solutions?

SVR, short for Stolen Vehicle Recovery, is when technology and data from vehicle tracking are used to recover the stolen or hijacked vehicle and in an attempt to return it safely to the owner. The stolen vehicle recovery process starts before the vehicle is stolen, it starts with vehicle tracking software.

 Let’s unpack this software in a bit more detail. 

We begin with GPS (Global Positioning System) which is a network of satellites and receivers used to determine the positioning of something on Earth. GPS has a range of uses, from military exercises across the globe to directions that help drivers find their way, and track vehicles. 

Vehicle tracking requires a GPS tracking device to be installed in a vehicle or on an asset. The device then provides information about the exact location and subsequent movements of the vehicle or asset – this is what enables tracking in real time. For this reason, GPS tracking systems are a crucial part of stolen vehicle recovery used to monitor stolen vehicles’ location and activity. 

Quality tracking systems exponentially increase the chance of stolen vehicles being recovered and even lower the risk of theft in the first place. This is because a GPS vehicle tracker has certain triggers that will send alerts if a vehicle is being tampered with or may have been stolen. 

What is GPS tracking and how is it used for vehicle recovery solutions?

Here are some examples of a few ways alerts can be triggered: 

  •  If the vehicle is on the move, but there is no record of the engine being started (this is done by monitoring all engine activity).  
  • Pressure sensors on seats can trigger alerts if there are more people in the vehicle than there should be.
  •  Depending on predetermined routes, specific risk areas can trigger an alert, for example, if a vehicle is crossing into an area that is not part of the planned route or is a popular escape route for hijackers. 

Get the best Stolen Vehicle Recovery services and products

Cartrack is South Africa’s leader in Stolen Vehicle Recovery, with world-class vehicle tracking and recovery technology that puts you in control. The following features and solutions can help you ensure that your vehicle is safe and more likely to be recovered if stolen: 

  • CarWatch 

Activated via the Cartrack App, CarWatch keeps a virtual eye on your car, when you can’t. CarWatch sends you alerts if your parked car moves or is started without your permission. When an alert is activated and triggered by unauthorised activity, you will be notified and Cartrack’s 24-hour control room agents will assist you.

  • Cartrack Protector

The Cartrack Protector is a value-added service which gives you access to a range of services that help make the travelling experience safe and worry-free. At the push of a button on the Cartrack App or website, a call centre agent will contact you immediately to assist with any of the services listed (such as roadside assistance or medical assistance).  

  • Geofence 

Geofences are virtual boundaries or ringfences set up on digital maps. These virtual fences can be created to mark no-go or high-risk zones, and alerts can be triggered the moment your vehicle enters or exits these geofenced areas.

  • Secure and reliable tracking device fitment techniques

Cartrack’s advanced fitment techniques give you the increased assurance that your vehicle’s tracking device will not be found or disabled by criminals during a theft. This high standard allows us to achieve our industry-leading recovery rate.

  • 24/7 emergency support and service team

Our emergency control room teams are always ready to support you, especially in the unfortunate event of vehicle theft or hijacking. We allow direct communication with the private response teams and local police to ensure a rapid response.

  • Air and on-the-ground recovery teams 

Cartrack has a network of highly trained recovery response teams throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries which work alongside local police, ensuring stolen vehicles are successfully recovered as quickly as possible.

Get the best Stolen Vehicle Recovery services and products

Looking for a stolen vehicle recovery service? 

With a stolen vehicle recovery rate of over 90%, Cartrack will help you keep peace of mind and rest assured that your car is safe and secure. Visit Cartrack for more information.