6 Ways Cartrack celebrates and empowers youth

The core of youth culture today is taking the world on fiercely, pitching ideas and exploring possibilities.

Turning eighteen is awesome; that sweet taste of independence is fabulous. For first-time drivers and car owners, or those driving for a few years – your car will keep you riding the youth wave.

Whether it’s for your first job, fun with friends, family responsibilities, or college – we get it.

All the twists and turns, rules and beeps in between, the roads can be scary, leaving many young drivers in absolute jitters, especially on South African roads

Cartrack puts youth in control. We are here to empower youth to drive confidently and with a smile!

What’s the main reason young drivers need extra tech and safety?

The big difference is experience. Even though we all think we’re the best drivers, those who’ve been doing it for longer are usually that little bit more cautious. And those who haven’t, will get there. 

But until then, you could have DJ Khalid on full blast, while navigating the roads and then to top it off – your friend is asking for dating advice. In other words, extra distractions combined with learning the roads could put you in danger. Maybe you park in an unsafe area, putting you and your car at risk. Plus the peer pressure and fun might get the better of you, where you don’t think twice about the “no-go” areas, making you a bigger target. 

Not to forget, it could be your first car, which is a precious asset. If it goes, we know it will hurt big time and we’re not just talking about your wallet. We do understand the need to buy nice things, so unnecessary car expenses should be avoided at all costs. 

Watch what the youth have to say:

‍Let’s dive into how Cartrack makes driving as a youngster in SA a lot less scary. 

6 ways Cartrack can help youth feel safer

1. Get your car back

In the unfortunate event of your vehicle being stolen, you are not alone. We have the advanced vehicle tracking tech to trace and track your car down right to the exact location and recover it. Call us immediately, and our composed call agents will offer immediate assistance, together with our highly trained recovery team. Be rest assured that every precaution and effort is made to make a successful recovery of your vehicle. 

2. Be in control with the Cartrack App

Park your Cartrack app right next to your Spotify one, because it’s going to give you peace of mind. You could use it for vehicle tracking, security, stolen vehicle recovery, and driver safety. 

There’s lots of features. But we rate you are going to love these:

  • Be adventurous with Protector. It provides medical, roadside, legal, accommodation and car hire services, especially useful for a last-minute road trip.
  • Discover how you can improve your driving behaviour with reports. This will also help you save on fuel and maintenance costs. 
  • Your loved ones might worry about you, you know, being so young and all. Share your live vehicle location with them in the case of an emergency.
  • We get that stuff is expensive. So get special deals on tyres and insurance. 

3. Watch out with CarWatch

Out and about and worried about where you’ve just parked your car? CarWatch keeps a virtual eye on your car when you can’t. You can also activate CarWatch from the app, which alerts you if your parked vehicle moves without your permission, so you can make the right decision about what assistance you may need.

4. Panic button

No need to panic with the panic button feature. In an emergency, the press of a button will instantly send a silent alert to the Cartrack control room and an operator will respond to you right away.

5. Save cash

Need extra cash for online shopping? Then you are gonna want to save on insurance. New drivers tend to pay higher insurance premiums than other motorists. We know, it’s a tough one, but if you have a vehicle tracking device installed, you are bound to get lower rates.

6. Recovery warranty

Cartrack offers a R150 000 recovery warranty in the event that we cannot recover your vehicle. So either way, you won’t need to fork out unnecessary money. 

So save your funky jams for the off-road stuff. Protect your car with Cartrack, and let our tech do the worrying for you so you can concentrate on the road ahead!